Sheldon Anthony Roberts is a modern day 'Renaissance Mountain Man' born and raised in the foothills of the Colorado Rockies, Roberts' art reflects the purity and simplicity of the environment that has surely helped to shape his life. An accomplished professional musician as well, Mr. Roberts uses all of his highly studied talents in expressing his Love for nature and all the living creatures around him. 

Sheldon is a self taught sculptor and painter. He has hewn wildlife monuments out of giant bodies of centuries old trees. He has welded metal and poured bronze to capture the three dimensional imagery of his vibrant imagination.

Much of Sheldon's art has been incorporated into the structural designs of Colorado's most beautiful mountain homes. His commissions have included the massive carved doors, gates, beams and mantelpieces that grace the extraordinary high country dwellings. As an artist, though Sheldon is proficient in all forms of handcrafted expression, his first Love is sculpture.